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Experts in air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel since 1968


We Help Protect Your Lab from Harmful Chemicals and Nuisance Odors

Our stringent ductless air filtration products guarantee contaminants are captured & contained at the source keeping your lab free from cross sensory contamination. 

Recommended Solutions


Captair Smart Filtered Fume Hood

  • Perfect when working with liquids or powders
  • Superior filtration for safe chemical processes
  • User communication via pulsing light for hood status
  • Sensors to detect filter saturation

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Powder Weighing Enclosures

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Captair Smart Filtered Storage Cabinets:

  • Eliminates inhalation of noxious and hazardous vapors
  • Continuously purifies laboratory air
  • Requires no connection to HVAC
  • Accommodates multiple types of chemicals with separate compartments

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Halo Laboratory Air Filtration System

  • Works 24/7 to pull contaminated air into the filter and return clean air
  • Simple to install – No HVAC connection needed
  • Easy access panel for quick filter changes
  • Utilizes Smart technology and networking to monitor units remotely

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GreenFumeHood Technology

  • The advantage of ductless on a traditional fume hood structure
  • Superior filtration for broader range of chemicals
  • Enhanced detection with multiple sensors
  • Utilizes Neutrodine filters which are ideal for multidisciplinary chemical handlings

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The Erlab Advantage

Erlab’s ecosystem of filtration products provides the solution for protection from all possible exposure threats with sustainable, safe solutions.

NFX 15211 Compliance

Safety is our first priority: Filtration and containment performance comply with the AFNOR NFX 15-211 standard (Class 1 and 2).

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Chemical Listing

Access to a Chemical Listing booklet which contains a list of approved chemicals for approximately 700 chemicals commonly used in laboratories.

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Safety Guarantee

The air exhausted from our filters is so pure that we guarantee your safety. We make this guarantee because of our 6 step process built into every product.*

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"The term 'lab efficiency' can mean many things to different people...In terms of a flavor and fragrance laboratory, three of the most common interpretations are: energy efficiency, research efficiency and testing efficiency..."

- Vol. 45 • March 2020  |  Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine
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L'Oreal gets a makeover with Erlab

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Save Energy

Ecosystem of products combine user friendly design and lower energy use.


Powerful Air Filtration

Guaranteed safety through powerful filtration.


Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally sustainable for labs
of all sizes.

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